Monday, February 16, 2009

Funny logic...

Pakistan has now virtually ceded part of the country to Taliban in anticipation of the impending US attack on them. The logic seems to be that they can give the US a visible target to attack in return for no action against the masters in Punjab and Sind. If I were an innocent family living in the new Sharia freedom areas, I would be packing my bags and leaving for urban Pakistan right now. Pakistan just marked a spot with a large "X" for the US.

The logic that Pakistan is a victim is a laughable one; they share the house and treat the Taliban with kid gloves whenever possible. The implicit understanding is that the violence will be directed elsewhere. But as the Pakistanis are finding out, terrorists seek the softest targets. It used to be Afghans and Kashmiris. Now that the drones are watching, killing local Pakistanis is much easier. The enemies enemy is not always a friend; he can turn into a worser enemy.

Jammu Kashmir interactive map